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A full moon night

…just out of this world, like the one we had last night: from the island of Santorini, an image that is hard toView full post »

The upper side of the world

This picture made us think of The Upper Side of the World, the title of a novel about Oia of Santorini, written byView full post »


On a day like this, griege is all I can think of: a suitable word for the blend of grey and beige, for the unfinished;View full post »

Escape #18

Thinking of the summer…View full post »

A Monday that doesn’t feel like Monday

Clean Monday is for me a day that combines the last scene of the Mary Poppins movie with a Mediterranean flair. Which isView full post »

About old mirrors

When I sneak into old island houses, I always look around for mirrors hanging on the walls. Those mirrors, usually asView full post »

Orange flavored cracked wheat salad

This is one of my favorite salads. When I make it for parties and gatherings it is always a big hit. What’s notView full post »

Photo of the day

Winter Aegean breeze When I was a child, there was this popular TV commercial for washing powder; at a sunny AegeanView full post »

Clementines and saffron tea

Mondays and Tuesdays can be so electronic 80s sometimes, can’t they? They have beat, they have repetition, butView full post »

aegeanpan on instagram

join our journey on instagram, for more  View full post »

The blessing of the waters

Epiphany in Aegina January 6, and the island of Aegina is ready for the day of the lights or Theophania - one of theView full post »

Photo of the day

photos by christos drazos words by maria alipranti    View full post »

A New Journey

We wish you a very Happy New year!   photos by christos drazos words by maria alipranti    View full post »

Cook with love

The holiday season is here again. Cities are getting busier, islands are getting quieter. At five o’ clock in theView full post »

Olive oil and Sea

Winter in Santorini island: After several days of strong wind, the sea looks like oil, as Greek people say when theyView full post »

The lunch break

We sat for a while on that wooden bench by the sea. Without sunglasses, with the eyes half-closed, we could feel theView full post »

At the beach

In the winter time This photo was taken today, at Crete. It’s almost December and the beach looks so deliciouslyView full post »

Sky Blue wall

Blue color is commonly associated with the sky, the sea, ice, cold, and sometimes with sadness. This oil painted skyView full post »