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From the kitchen of Saltsa restaurant in Santorini

A recipe by Chef Dimitris Lazarou

Christos usually goes to Santorini and comes back with more breathtaking photographs. This time he came back with an amazing white eggplant recipe: Chef Dimitris Lazarou, owner of elegant Saltsa restaurant in Santorini, was kind enough to share one of his recipes, that are a big contribution for the highly recognised place of the island as a gastronomic destination.

I think that eggplants are the best way to honor the summer’s gifts; they are the queens of the Meditteranean table. Try this recipe with the sweet, juicy, local eggplants. You will love it!

White eggplants in a sesame and spices crust |  by Chef Dimitris Lazarou


•  2 medium white eggplants of Santorini

•  ½ kilo all-purpose flour

•  4 tablespoons salt

•  2 tablespoons ground pepper

•  2 tablespoons sweet paprika

•  2 tablespoons curry

•  5 tablespoons white sesame

•  5 tablespoons black sesame

•  4 egg whites

•  200 ml whipping cream



Peel the eggplants and cut them in 2 cm thick sticks. Beat together egg whites and cream; in another bowl mix flour with salt, pepper, paprika, curry and sesame. Deep the eggplant sticks inside the egg mixture and transfer them to flour mixture, being sure to coat the sticks thoroughly.

Fry the eggplant sticks in hot oil, until golden. Place them on kitchen paper to drain the extra oil and serve.

You can accompany it with this delicious yogurt dip: yogurt, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and finely chopped mint.



Many thanks to Dimitris and Lilian for the hospitality : )

photography by christos drazos
words by maria alipranti