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Μay is the Friday of the months. It has work pilled up and it has leisure; no, actually it has something better than that: it has the promise of leisure; A promise solid as a rock, the kind of promise that we cling to and don’t let go, until August finds us hidden under a parasol in a small beach somewhere between heaven and earth.

Days are getting longer and every gained minute of light is a small temptation for wandering, while the islands still smell of paint and wild flowers: an army of white chairs dried in the sun but the hills are not golden yet. The open markets start to look alive again; after a dull winter of sweet potatoes and oranges, the strawberries, apricots and cherries are joyfully welcome because their vivid colors match our lighter clothes and moods.

Talking about these late spring moods, I think they are the menace and the cure in every working person’s narrative, since May makes us feel kind of like Bella in Breaking Dawn part 2: awake, hungry, restless, flirty, alert and high-spirited. There is always something you want to do instead of working, but in May you can do it after work. The swimming, the beers with your friends, the long walks, the outdoor hanging out until the first morning hours are now available on the weekdays menu.

And even though this -warm weather and work- thing is not always balanced gracefully -like this post idea that came out of the blue and climbed on the top of a long list of things to do for work-, I love the month’s prospect and the feeling of anticipation for summer greatness.


photos by christos drazos

words by maria alipranti